PlantFusion Vegan Complete Immune Support 60 Vegan Lozenges


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A Potent Combination of Zinc, Elderberry and Vitamin C to Naturally Boost the Immune System. Certified Vegan. . Elderberry contains several compounds that help support healthy immune function and have been researched for their ability to defend against viruses. Zinc is also a critical nutrient for supporting a healthy immune system and provides antioxidant support, which is essential to immune function. Fuel for your immune system when you need it most. Vegan Complete Immune Support combines the power of elderberry and zinc with other immune-supporting nutrients like vitamin C and Echinacea to provide you with the ultimate immunity booster. It also contains two herbal blends with aloe vera, slippery elm, licorice, amla, and astragalus. Key Benefits. Boosts Immune System Elderberry, zinc, vitamin C and Echinacea play a key role in supporting a healthy immune system. May Help Prevent Colds Studies show that preventive use of zinc lozenges may reduce the number of colds per year, while elderberrys active compounds have been researched for their benefit in defending against viruses. Sooths the Throat Aloe, licorice root and slippery elm are known for their soothing effects in the throat and esophagus, both which may become irritate during a cold. No Bad Stuff – Vegan Complete Immune Support is a 100% plant based supplement and is gluten free, dairy free, and soy free.

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