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Online Event: Dr. Fuhrman’s Guided Weight Loss & Detox (2021)

Last Updated on June 24, 2021

Dr. Fuhrman runs an online guided weight loss and detox event every year. This year the event was held in May 2021. These events are a great place to learn about the Nutritarian diet and how it can help you get radiantly healthy and lose weight naturally. 

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Do You Want to Learn How to Lose Weight From Dr. Fuhrman Himself?

A key aspect of the event is live webinars with Dr. Fuhrman where you can learn how to follow the Nutritarian diet directly from him and not via a book. His eating plan is founded on solid scientific evidence of how a plant-based diet is best for your health. His guided weight loss program gives you all the tools you need to become radiantly healthy and achieve your weight loss goals.

Experience for yourself how Dr. Fuhrman’s high fiber, high nutrient diet is the most satisfying, nourishing and delicious way to eat. It is a sustainable way of life ensuring you will lose weight and keep it off. The Nutritarian diet also protects you from developing severe health conditions.

The events are interactive and fun, help you lose weight, save your health, and change your life!

Dr. Fuhrman's Guided Weight Loss & Detox Event

This year the event was in May 2021

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The Program Details

During this 21-day online event you will learn which foods are healthiest and which to avoid. Your body will get the detox it needs to reduce cravings for unhealthy foods. And you will find out for yourself what healthy hunger feels like.

Included in the Event Package:

  • Recipes and a meal plan
  • Meet Dr. Fuhrman and his team of experts
  • Get an exercise guide and live Zoom demonstrations
  • Discover how to deal with food addiction and emotional eating
  • Learn about how diet affects your health and longevity
  • One month FREE Platinum membership
Dr. Fuhrman's guided weight loss program teaches you how to follow the Nutritarian diet.

Optional FREE Weight Loss Challenge

As an event participant you also get the option to join the free weight loss challenge.

Included in the Challenge:

  • You get an additional 7 months of free support and motivation
  • If you lose 5 BMI points you win a gift box of Dr. Fuhrman products
  • Join the private Facebook Group
  • PLUS monthly Zoom meetings with a Food Addiction Counselor

Don't Want to Wait Until 2022?

Become a Member to Get Started Now

You don’t have to wait until next year. Take a look at Dr. Fuhrman’s membership options to get started right away.

Included in Your Platinum Membership:

  • Ask the Doctors
  • 1,900+ recipes and menus
  • My health tracker
  • Position papers by Dr. Fuhrman
  • Product discounts
  • Videos & teleconferences
  • Webinar & Facebook live events
  • Nutritarian network private group
  • Special offers on events

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