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Affiliate Marketing Site

My name is Karen Johnson and I am an affiliate marketer. Elated Vegan Supplements is an affiliate marketing store. This means when you click on any link and purchase a product from the site you are directed to, then I will earn varying commissions. I do not hold stock, I do not ship stock and I am not responsible for any fault you find with the product.

The commissions I earn go towards supporting the work I do to help people be healthier and happier vegans. Thank you for your support!

Nutritional Advice

The recommendations on this site are merely recommendations – I am not a nutritionist. Please contact your Doctor and/or registered nutritionist before taking supplements and/or changing your diet.

Taking too much of a nutrient you don’t need can have dire consequences. Being deficient in a nutrient can be checked by a blood test. Please visit your Doctor to request blood tests to check your personal levels of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and/or amino acids, as well as other supplements mentioned on this site.

The nutritional philosophy and nutrient recommendations on this site are Nutritarian based on Dr Fuhrman’s teachings. An example can be found in Dr Fuhrman’s book Eat for Health.

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