My aim is to offer you any vegan supplement you are looking for

My aim is to offer you any vegan supplement you are looking for

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I am vegan and have been involved in vegan education since 2006 on Elated Vegan. You can find out more about Elated Vegan’s mission to raise awareness for farmed animals and help people go vegan here.

Things have changed remarkably in the last 10 years and now there are many organizations that promote veganism. The current problem seems to be that after going vegan people don’t manage their nutrition needs properly and get unhealthy which often causes them to backtrack. So I shifted my goal to include helping people be healthy vegans. 

"My goal is for Elated Vegan Supplements to be the ultimate guide to vegan supplements and health, providing useful information that makes it easier for people to be healthy vegans."

After thinking long and hard, I decided to create an affiliate marketing store that sources supplements from many different merchants across the U.S. for people who are either vegan, or on the journey towards being vegan.

The other aim of the site is to source and collate information that helps people understand vegan nutrition. In these times I think this is one of the ways I can be most effective in helping us all to save animals, people and the planet.

When you follow a nutrient rich, whole-food, vegan diet, then taking supplements to top up your nutrient levels where needed can enhance your health, longevity, and moods.

I am not a Doctor or a dietician and advise you to please get your nutrient levels checked with a doctor first, before you alter your supplement regime. You can also get a home test kit to test everything from nutrient deficiencies to your adrenal and hormonal profile.

My recommendations are based on my understanding of Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian eating plan. The Nutritarian diet is based on scientific research and decades of his personal experience as a G.P. If you want to know more then consider getting one of Dr Fuhrman’s books. My long-term goal is to study for Dr. Fuhrman’s Certificate in Nutritarian Studies

The Certificate in Nutritarian Studies

Are you serious about your health and want to learn the science behind the Nutritarian diet? Take a look at Dr. Fuhrman’s online certificate course in Nutritarian studies. It’s a 9-month, self-study certificate program.

You’ll learn about how what we eat impacts our health and longevity based on Dr. Furhrman’s writings and his years of experience as a G.P. treating and preventing chronic disease.  

While this site has 1,000’s of products for your shopping convenience, I would always recommend you start with Dr. Fuhrman’s superior range of supplementsMy other favorite brands are listed below as a guide for you.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful. Get in touch with me if you have any questions or just want to say “Hi!”

Nutritional Excellence

Recommended Reading

Dr. Fuhrman is a long-time practicing G.P. His books combine the experiences he has with his patients as well as his research as a nutritional scientist over the past 30 years. His Nutritarian way of eating encapsulates the science of eating for maximal health, optimal weight and extended longevity.

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